Silver was one of the first of five metals to be discovered. Native silver is found in Earth’s crust in its purest form and is a commodity that is alloyed with secondary metals like copper.

The world’s leading silver producing countries include Mexico, Russia and Australia. Most of the silver produced for the industry comes from mining, scrapping and piling.

  • Mining produces approx. 85%
  • Scrapping produces 15%
  • Piles produces 1%

Trading Silver

Used to create coins, jewelry and machinery, this precious metal is one of the most popular investment products among commodity investors. Like gold, silver is turned to as a safe haven asset and in barter situations. It has a lower value compared to gold, making it easily accessible for investment purposes.

Silver prices are determined by a variety of factors including:

  • Supply and demand
  • Government policies and regulations
  • Economic stability

The precious metal is also usually in high demand by collectors who seek ancient, rare and high-caliber coins.

Depending on the commodity’s performance, trading Silver Futures, ETFs, and CFDs can move up or down.

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