Positioned as global leaders in providing lightweight aluminium to industries that include automotive and aerospace, Alcoa Inc. stands at the forefront of the production of bauxite, alumina, and aluminium itself. From castings and rolled base materials through to assets in energy, it has a solid, scalable, and sustainable structure.

Through their innovative use of lightweight base metals, Alcoa Inc. has been responsible for developing a wide range of eco-friendly products. These have been instrumental in the transformation of a several sectors including furniture, cooking and construction.

Trading Alcoa

  • Alcoa Inc. has existed as a publically traded company since as far back as 1951.
  • The company’s primary customer base is located and served within the USA.
  • Alcoa’s environmental concerns have given them the 15th position in the emission of airborne pollutant (as ranked by the Political economy research Institute).
  • The company is seen as responsible for discovering the processes that have made aluminium an affordable commodity which serves virtually all aspects of American life.

When trading in assets such as Alcoa, it is beneficial to have the use of a fully responsive trading platform. Access to a range of educational tools and charting information all assist traders in making best-informed decisions on their portfolios.