Founded by entrepreneur Jack Ma in 1999, Alibaba has seen a meteoric and scalable growth that has even outstripped giants such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Alibaba specialises in offering a huge and diverse range of products to both the retail and wholesale markets.

Rated in the top ten list of the most valuable businesses in the world, the business boasts everything from its eBay style sales portal to an online payment service and an Amazon-style fully integrated sales system.

Domination of the Asian marketplace has seen Alibaba grossing over a whopping 6 billion dollars in annual profits. The renowned company is such a huge market force that its affiliate sites even contribute significantly to the China/America trade imbalance. It is hardly surprising, therefore, that there have been complaints concerning the Chinese protectionist approach concerning traded goods from the United States. This has already led to moves being made to blacklist some consumer shopping sites rated as supplying non authentic branded products.

Alibaba is not the type of company to allow the grass to grow under its feet and it is currently working to expand into cloud-based services. There is also a development called 9Apps in the offing. The company’s projected 45% growth is a clear indication of its optimistic trading outlook.

Owner Jack Ma has unrealised ambition to work in conjunction with USA small businesses to create a million jobs there. On the downside, a predicted slowdown in China’s economy does place some questions over how long such levels of business are likely to be sustained.

Trading Alibaba

  • As recently as 2014, Alibaba went public on the New York Stock Exchange and also entered the record books as the largest IPO ever.
  • 2012 saw Alibaba become the first Asian entity to exceed a value of 400 billion USD!
  • In the company’s early days, it attracted search engine company Yahoo as an investor with a 15% share in the business. Following the 2012 stock exchange fall, those shares had a worth 10 times more than the part of the company that Verizon later acquired.
  • Walmart is now number two to Alibaba as a world leader in the most valuable retailer charts and the company provides its services to over 200 countries.

Assets such as Alibaba require careful trading using the most responsive technology and management tools. Features like client education kits and tracking tools allow traders to make the best-informed trading decisions.