When Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple back in 1976, they started out as a personal computer business. The business soon took off and later became involved in innovative mobile music players, handheld tablets, and above all, the smartphone. This hi-tech explosion has propelled Apple to the forefront of the personal tech industry and made it an iconic force that has permeated deep into our culture.

Using innovative software and GUI (intuitive graphical user interface), Apple was able to reach the mass market with its computers. Thanks to a strong focus on brand identity, the company was able to turn Apple computers into an iconic product line.

Technology started to move rapidly during the 1990’s and Apple managed to keep pace with and even overtake Microsoft’s own GUI. Once again, innovative marketing was employed to portray the Apple computer as a “cut above” and that is still reflected in the relatively higher prices of the company’s products today.

When iTunes was released to complement the company’s own mini iPod music player, Apple changed how we use and listen to music on an unprecedented scale. In an unexpected move, the company invested huge amounts of money into ensuring that iTunes was available to users of Microsoft’s operating system too, taking the Apple brand directly to their competitor’s customers.

2007 through 2010 were helicon years at Apple with the development of the touchscreen iPad and iPhone brands. Through the rapidly expanding Apps market, users were now able to access services and data without using the motorised disc-drive. CPUs and smart processors exploded onto the marketplace and Apple was ideally placed to surf the incoming wave of new and modernized technologies.

Trading Apple

  • Despite the sad loss of its co-founder, Steve Jobs and several top-level executive shakedowns over the years, Apple continues to dominate the personal technology marketplace. Their astute moves into cloud-based services and hardware development have them well placed in terms of future profitability in this highly volatile marketplace.
  • A potential explosion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is just around the corner and Apple has already invested heavily in this exciting and rapidly evolving technology sector. Siri is the company’s audible voice-activated assistant and the program is already an integral aspect of their operating system.
  • The new Apple watch and the company’s on-going investment in virtual reality and other developing technologies all bode well for the future value of this innovative and creative company.

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