Goldman Sachs

When it comes to international securities and investment banking, Goldman Sachs has positioned itself as a thriving leader. The market leading company has 2 primary divisions: Global Capital Markets and Asset Management and Securities Services. The former of the two divisions include investment banking along with financial advisory services, principal investments, and trading. The other section operates in the role of a business unit providing advice on investment.

The company has been trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) since May 1994 as the Goldman Sachs Group Inc with the abbreviation “GS”.

Trading Goldman Sachs

The company operates financial services on behalf of wealthy clients, businesses, financial institutions, government bodies, and corporations. It coordinates these activities from its 40 offices that are located across the globe. Goldman Sachs has several international subsidiaries including, Goldman Sachs (United Kingdom) LLC Sachs & Co, Goldman Sachs (Asia) Finance (Mauritius), and Goldman Sachs (Asia) Finance Holdings LLC.

The famed company is listed on the NYSE as “GS” and on the Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 100 Component, and S&P 500 Component.

The company’s 2016 reports showed a $7.4 billion annual turnover.