Google LLC was founded in 1998 by PhD students Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The research project for this prominent brand began in 1996 in an effort to modernize search engines results. Within a year, Google’s domain name was registered and the company was officially incorporated in 1998. Google quickly grew in popularity, leading towards its IPO in 2004 which offered the price of $85 per share. Today, Google is ranked as the most visited website in the world. It also has over 70 offices, globally.

Google is not only used as a platform to search the World Wide Web but also for:

  • Email – Gmail
  • Maps – Google Maps
  • Translations – Google Translate
  • Videos – YouTube

The company has also invested in technology such as its own operating system, Android and its browser, Chrome.

Google also suffered a few setbacks over the years, including a €2.4 Billion fine from the European Commission over accusations of antitrust violations in June 2017. Despite this downfall, Google is still one of the most famous and valuable brands in the world.

Trading Google

Most of Google’s revenue is generated from advertising efforts on its platforms like Google Search Engine, YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps and so on. It has also gained revenue from its Google Play Store and Cloud services.

Over the years, Google has attempted to rearrange itself into individual entities like Alphabet, which was created in 2015. Most recently, in 2017, it gained a new entity – XXVI Holdings.

As of February 2016, Gmail has approximately 1 billion monthly active users. The email platform is not only used by individuals but for businesses, too.

Google trades on the NASDAQ exchange with the ticker symbol, GOOG.

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