Leading American multinational technology company IBM operates its business in more than 150 countries. Also known as “Big Blue”, this organization was incorporated in 1911 as one of the first ever firms to automate calculations. Originally, when it was a consolidation of 3 small companies, IBM went under the name “Computing Tabulating Recording Company” (CTR). It was in 1924 when the company changed its name to International Business Machines.

Early on, this brand played a significant role in:

  • Providing census & social security data for the U.S. Government
  • Producing the airline reservation system
  • Tracking space flights for NASA
  • Record keeping and camp operation during WWII

In 1964, IBM went on to release its first computer for public use. These were mainframe computers with commercial and scientific applications which enabled companies to upgrade models but keep the same applications.

Throughout the 1960’s, IBM was officially manufacturing 70% of the world’s computers. It was until 1981 when the first personal computers were introduced. These were the go-to products until competitors like Apple came along with products like Mac.

Nevertheless, IBM has suffered a few setbacks since its initiation. It endured an $8 billion loss in 1993 and in 2005, it ended up selling its personal computer division to Lenovo.

From then onwards, the company set its eyes on artificial intelligence. In 2011, its AI program, Watson, won the game-show, Jeopardy, helping it gain worldwide recognition. IBM is currently working on cloud computing. It is also famously known for being “one of the world’s most prolific patent sources” with a record-breaking 8,000 patents in a single year.

Trading IBM

IBM managed to overcome its setbacks as a result of its enterprise hardware, software, and support solutions. Nevertheless, the company still faces challenges. In fact, it has endured declining revenues throughout the past few years.

IBM’s market valuation has dropped by 30% ever since its attempt to buyback 20% of its shares in 2012.

Traders continue to keep their eyes on this stock as it remains a titan in U.S technology. As a leading research organization, analysts remain confident in this stock as it should continue to evolve and introduce ground-breaking innovations. The company is still appealing to several investors, especially as it brings new sources of revenue from innovations like cloud storage and machine learning.

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