Founded in 1990, INSYS Therapeutics is an American pharmaceutical company working on improving patient care. It has gained a prestigious reputation thanks to its innovative therapeutic solutions that aim to improve patients’ lives.

The innovative pharmaceutical products of the company mostly focus on cannabinoids – the chemicals that have a drug-like effect on our central nervous and immune system – which can help relieve patients’ pain (among other positive medical effects) without the unwanted psychoactive side effect of the cannabis plant.

These approved cannabis-based products that are commercialised by the company include SUBSYS® and SYNDROS®.

SUBSYS® uses a sublingual spray to act as a pain medication for patients with cancer. The company describes SYNDROS® as a cannabinoid medicine that helps patients with AIDS or cancer to deal with the side effects of their disease, or their treatments, such as loss of appetite and nausea.

Other than innovative products, the company also offers new and innovative ways to deliver the drug into our system. For instance, the firm describes SYNDROS® as “the first and only FDA-approved liquid dronabinol, which allows for fast absorption, flexible dosing and a potential solution for patients who may prefer a liquid medication.”

Trading INSYS

  • INSYS Therapeutics can be traded on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol, INSY.
  • The company not only focuses on developing and commercialising new products based on cannabinoid, but it is also working on providing advanced ways to administer the drug in patients.
  • In addition to the approved products (SUBSYS® and SYNDROS®), the company is also working on products in development, especially sprays and new ways to use pharmaceutical cannabinoids (oral solution and inhalation).
  • In October 2018, the company signed a definitive license agreement with Lunatus to commercialise one of its flagship products (SUBSYS®) in eight countries of the Middle East. This exclusive 10-year partnership will help INSYS profit from the Middle East market. This is quite a fast-growing area for such drugs, thanks to the Dubai-based Lunatus that has been successfully introducing and developing profitable pharmaceutical brands in the Arabian Gulf and Middle East markets since 2003.
  • INSYS Therapeutics and UC San Diego’s Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research are strengthening their collaboration by conducting additional surveys and studies. These will centre around the effect of the INSYS cannabidiol (CBD) oral solution on the anxiety associated with anorexia as well as early psychosis in adults, and autism in paediatric patients.

Investing in pharmaceutical companies that specialise in cannabinoids can be a great way to diversify your portfolio. Cannabis stocks can offer great trading opportunities, especially since Canada allowed the use of medicinal and recreational marijuana in October 2018. As the weed industry is relatively new, weed stocks can be quite volatile and this therefore requires strong money and risk management tools.