Founded in 1799, JPMorgan Chase is one of the world’s largest banks, with offices in dozens of countries and a current value of $2.415 trillion, making it the world’s second most valuable bank in terms of market capitalization.

The bank is renowned for its work in asset management, derivatives, and securities. Under the Chase brand, it issues credit cards and related services.

Trading JPMorgan

  • The bank’s stock is highly sensitive to American and global economic events. In 2008, the bank received a $12 billion bailout and was badly hurt by the Bernard Madoff pyramid scheme, leading to lawsuits from Madoff’s victims.
  • The bank frequently outperforms its competitors, generating an annual revenue of over $90 billion. Recently, it has been focusing on FinTech and community management, including revitalisation projects in disadvantaged areas.
  • JPMorgan’s quarterly reports are examined carefully by analysts, who see them as the best indication of the bank’s profitability. As with most bank stocks, interest rates are also usually examined before trading JPMorgan’s shares.

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