MasterCard is a renowned global organization and the second-largest U.S multinational financial services provider in the world. This payment processing giant is headquartered in New York but has more than 10,000 employees in over 60 countries.

MasterCard provides several products and solutions for payment purposes. Before its initial public offering in 2006, MasterCard was a cooperative of over 25,000 banks that issued its branded cards. Since then, the organization has been a publicly traded company and is today considered a leader of the payment processing world.

Trading MasterCard

MasterCard may be one of the leaders in the world of financial transaction processing but it also faces competition from other big names like Visa, American Express and others. During its IPO in 2006, it stood at $39 per share and raised $2.4 billion in total. Today, the company is said to generate an annual revenue of $9.6 billion.

There are several factors that will impact MasterCard’s performance in the stock market. These include:

  • Financial earnings reports
  • Market analysis
  • Government/industry regulations
  • Country economy health

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