WisdomHub™ Live Feed

As the wise elders gather at the Diwan to discuss the important matters of the day and make crucial decisions, the WisdomHub™ live feed is your center for all the market information and trends – the critical details that help you create the perfect strategy. This groundbreaking technology is integrated directly into our trading platform and mobile app, available to you everywhere, at any time.

A large number of positions being opened for a specific asset.
Volume Growth
An asset is experiencing a larger-than-usual growth in trading volume.
Volatility Spotted
An asset experiences rapid BUY/SELL activity.
A certain asset abruptly changes its direction.
Going Up
A specific asset’s direction rises.
Going Down
A certain asset’s direction falls.
Increase in Openings
Larger-than-usual number of traders decide to open positions on a specific asset.
Economic Events
Regularly scheduled financial events and reports, such as Quarterly Releases, Non-Farm Employment Changes, and New Farm Payroll reports.
Market News
Important market news and updates, as they happen.